Vignon is simple to use, yields delicious results.and is wine friendly! Vignon is an all natural, all purpose seasoning made with sea salt and over 20 'micro ingredients' that makes everything you prepare richer and more delicious.

And as a bonus for you parents, Vignon is wine friendly. Vignon balances food flavors while eliminating unpleasant wine and food interactions...even asparagus (or brussel sprouts) are great with red wine! 

VIGNONTM Flavor Balancing Seasoning
How to Make your Own Vignon Almonds
If you wish to make your own it is really simple! 

1.You need about 1 ½ ounce of Vignon (about half a jar) per pound of raw whole almonds
2.Rinse almonds in water and drain well in a colander
3.Toss in a bowl with Vignon
4.Spread them out on a sheet pan – they can be about 2-4 almonds deep and don’t need to be a single layer
5.Slowly bake in a 240-250 degree oven for 1-2 hours depending on how crunchy you want the almonds. You are really drying them out, not cooking them. I like them longer and more crunchy, my wife likes them softer. I take half out earlier for her, leave the rest for me!
6.Turn and mix them up a bit gently with spatula every 20-30 minutes
7.Remove and let cool then store in a container.

We make up about 5 pounds or so a batch at the Hanni household! It is really simple and the results are awesome.
Announcing our half-price inventory closeout!

We are sorry to announce that Napa Seasoning Company will be ceasing operations and closing out our remaining inventory. You can stock up if you are a Vignon lover - make sure to store in a dry, cool place or even in the refrigerator. The product we are closing out is fresh and has over a year left on the "use by" date.

Our thanks and gratitude to all of our customers.